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Nov 1, 2012 10:00am EDT
overseas in afghanistan and that have served time with katrina down in new orleans, and they said it doesn't look much different. i would agree with them. even just walking around and having it be dead silent and the hising of natural gas coming out of the ground because of broken mains. we are still as of yesterday, still in search and rescue mode trying to make sure that everybody's out of their house and safe. before the -- they allow people to actually come back. it's a very, very frustrating time, but i can tell you kind of what -- you were talking about with ralph -- clive on the earlier call, the people -- i had the opportunity last night to go to some shelters and talk to some people. they are amazed at the amount of people that are willing to help and total strangers. from the time i was there just -- random citizens just walking into the shelters and donating goods and trying to help their fellow man. it's unfortunate it takes a tragic situation like this to bring the best out of people. host: congressman runyan, what is the best way that the federal government in your view can h
Nov 15, 2012 1:00pm EST
their. we have a record of helping people out in those disasters. katrina, there were big mistakes made. there was a tremendous amount of money that was wasted down there. they had a request for $10 billion, i supported that. then, they wanted $58 billion. i asked for the plans. i want to see the spreadsheet, i want to see the support documents. i want to see the adding machine tape. if it is not that, i want to see the dart board. i found out the next morning when i got the email, when joshua bolton gave me the plan. in that was included 300,000 trailer houses in the original plan, 270,000 of which were back ordered. there were plans for medications of future disasters. there were opportunists in the katrina disaster, and we know there was $1.4 billion of that that was wasted with duplicates social security numbers. that is something, and experience of us who were there with katrina. i am asking the governors of the state to submit to congress a complete plan on not only were these resources need to go, but what kind of protections are there so they go the right place. that gets me a l
Nov 1, 2012 1:00pm EDT
officiales to set aside partisan differences. when it's botched as it was in the wake of hurricane katrina. they both graps these principles as they toured the shore. -- >> >> follow today east "washington journal" in the video library at live coverage from doswell virginia on c-span. >> i see there are some really young people and others a little bit older but younger. this election is for you, to make sure you have the same opportunities to catch your dream that we had growing up. [applause] and unlike my opponent who wants to be president obama senator, i want to be virginia's senator. [applause] we are so very fortunate to have here in virginia a governor who is leading a come back in the common wealth of virginia. [applause] we need leaders -- what we did, bob you were in the legislature and so was eric at the time. the democrats controlled the general assembly but we cut taxes and made our streets safer, higher ack demics in our schools and over 3,000 jobs were created in those four years. mitt romney was governor of massachusetts also with a democratic legislature and wha
Nov 8, 2012 1:00pm EST
. the manufactured housing, they are all mobile homes, and they are not katrina houses, or anything like that. in katrina, they work up for most years, i think. how long do you think these mobile homes will house and have they been tested for form of a high? >> these are existing structures that people qualify for v.a. and hud loans for. our traditional programs are 18 months. a lot of those are are to be how many homes are going to be repaired, and working closely with high and secretary donna onvan, and they have issued a regulation for what has to be approved by paul. i need to differ back to what the standards are. hud approves standards that are those standards used to approve loans for buying manufactured housing. >> that you so much. this concludes our call for today. for more information about fema, visit thank you very much. goodbye. >> i need some help over here. >> he just rolled about. >> >> where is sergeant robert yates today? >> he ended up entering himself into an innovative program at walter reed, where they ended up using acupuncture, meditation, using other techni
Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
almost never been recorded, is going to be in the tens of billions of dollars. it may rival katrina in terms of the need for recovery and infrastructure replacement as a result of that storm. fema has $12 billion in its account. if sequestration were to go through, the white house estimates that fema would lose about $878 million. at a time when fema emergency centers are being set up from rhode island all the way down to southern new jersey, these are centers where people who have lost their homes in some instances, lost their businesses, have lost equipment are now flooding into to try to get relief and help like any other natural disaster in the past. these are people who paid their taxes year in and year out and made sure that fema was there when the folks down in louisiana and mississippi were hit by katrina. fema is the agency which helps communities pay for police overtime, fire overtime, sanitation worker overtime. these are the folks that we always call on at times of emergency. yet sequestration, which this congress has failed to address, is now sitting out there really pu
Nov 20, 2012 1:00pm EST
on malaria, polio, west nile virus, hurricane katrina, the indian ocean tsunami, and the anthrax attack on capitol hill. she is a real party girl. [laughter] maryn has a master's degree from northwestern university. those are our panelists. so, let me start with a historical question, very general. in the late 1960's, we were hearing that infectious diseases were over. that we have solved that problem. we had all of these wonderful antibiotics and it was thought that was going to be enough, along with other drugs, to some extent, and it was thought by some influential people, who should have known better, that we had closed the book on infectious diseases. that clearly was wrong. why was it wrong? what has changed? what led to that mistaken prediction? >> you are looking at me. first, i think it was not just antibiotics, although that is what we talk about. in the 1960's, there was a notion that science was going to solve everything. we were going to have cars that could fly, for example, which is something we were waiting for a few months ago. we were not concerned about pollution or r
Nov 2, 2012 10:00am EDT
think it will be second only to katrina and there will be tens of billions of dollars involved in the recovery effort. we know we're working on a continuing resolution that will run until april 1st. whether that will be enough or not, it remains to be seen in. every time there is a disaster on the west coast, an earthquake, a flood, a tornado, we always pull together and do it has to be done. i did not expect new jersey will be treated any differently. i know my colleagues in surrounding states were very hard hit. i have been in contact with both democrats and republicans. we will join together and do what is necessary. we do not know the numbers are right now so it is no point to speculate. host:. you for joining us this morning. >> among the delegation that went with president obama on the tour of damage in new jersey. we're waiting to take you live for the latest update from fema their reporting the department of homeland security is temporarily waiving some maritime rules to allow foreign oil tankers from the gulf of mexico to enter northeast and ports. it jury -- janet of
Nov 7, 2012 1:00pm EST
trailers, and you hearken back to -- fema trailers and you harken back to katrina. we have moved to how to improve housing. it is an option we are looking at, and it may be a good solution for some folks who live more in a suburban area or less dense housing areas where there may not be available until assistance but the other thing is working with a lot of the industrial -- not industrial, but industry corporate housing er programs onrs to get more available housing stock they may have. because there is so many people impacted, we are not precluding any options, but we're not yet insultve not yet manufacturers housing, but we are prepared to support that if the state department's -- install many factors housing, but we are prepared to support that if the state determines that is impacted. we did not let this preclude solutions, particularly for people for people who, either because of jobs or schools or available housing stock, did not want to leave their communities, and this may work in those cases. >> and that concludes our call pick four more information about fema, please visit fe
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
in partnership with fema after katrina. we knew it would be important in large scale disasters. and we already have nearly a thousand homes for rent. click an the fema housing portal from our website and you can get access to that. we've also been working on identifying particular units available to seniors or other who may have medical service needs as well and those will be absolutely critical resources going forward. we are also beginning to focus on the longer term process of rebuilding. i spoke to some families that were already asking what resources are there to rebuild. obviously craig has talked about the importance of registering with fema. we've already seen over 160,000 families register. that's critical. we also want to make sure families know first of all they'll be safe while they think about their rebuilding. i've directed all f.h.a. lenders to impose a more torme on foreclosers in disaster areas. we don't want families to be victimized twice once by the storm and twice by the foreclosure. we want to make sure as they work with insurance companies they're not taken advantage of.
Nov 9, 2012 9:00am EST
been compromising. my view, katrina -- sorry -- sandy gave some impetus to dealing with climate change. and i said in new york we're going to pay for climate change one way or another. we can pay for it after each natural disaster. we in new york have had 50 -- sorry -- we have had 300 or -- sorry. phrasing it wrong. we have had in the last three or four years we have had once in a hundred year disasters with irene, with sandy. and so, you know, i think it will give some impetus to deal with climate change, but even if we can't reach compromise on that, there's lots of things in energy that we can reach compromise on and that will be on the agenda. and the fourth thing i'd put on the agenda i talked about earlier in reference to your question, dave. maybe we can get some real financial reform. i think republicans are beginning to rethink super pacs because they haven't produced the positive results they hoped for and negative results that they hadn't expected. >> yes, sir. >> if a deal is reached before the end of the year, as you hope, does that remove the need for tax reform, more co
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10